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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: I don't think so anymore!

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  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: I don't think so anymore!

    This WAS my favorite place to go in Vegas for many years. I use to go to The Hard Rock when it was cool, and hip. Now it is old, and older! I am a big gambler, and was treated so well by my host who is no longer there by the way. My crew use to play up in the old PeaCock Lounge, and have a hell of a weekend, but now the dealers are too old, waitresses are too fat, and the restaurants are just plain lame with the exception of NOBU. What happened to this place? I asked a blackjack dealer what happened to this place, and he told me, "I'm moving to Florida bro, this place is full of idiots." We now go to The Cosmo where there are hot chicks all over, young people working there, and great places to eat. Did I mention the pool life? Rehab was a trend starter for Vegas, and now it is where all the flunkies go. If you want great service, hot chicks, and great food go The Cosmo.

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