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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: The true Mystic...

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  • Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: The true Mystic...

    Where do I begin with this place? I frequent the facility (mostly poor decisions). Mystic is a casino where it seems you can go from winning good bonusesto not being able to win a single spin. Literally. Out of towners will not understandthis simply because they have been there one time.This casino is the only one in the state that it seems can literally be turned off by the owners or whatever software they use for the slots. I understand the principlethat im not going to win every spin, but if im not going to win a spin at all through 100$ thats when it gets difficult to keep the temper down.I have been told that the games can go on "cold streaks". Ok, thats fine I just switch machines right? WRONG. Apparently at Mystic if one goes cold, they all go cold. Money making scheme.Also in recent months, the employees at this casino have become regular and frequent(forgive me) assholes. Very unfriendly and virtually unattentive. I had to track someone down3 sections away for an elderly lady that hit a jackpot a few weeks ago. Finally found someone.They said "someone is on there way." 20 minutes later someone showed up and when sheasked what the wait was about he was unusually rude and almost provacative towards this woman.Really? It took your lazy ass 20 mins to get to her. For your money you should seriously avoid this place until the gaming laws here can get within reason.Lookin for a great place and friendly atmosphere? Try shooting star casino in Mahnomen. Excellentfacility, great games and extremly friendly staff. Excited to see you win there too! Keep your moneyfrom Mystic Lake.

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