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Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: not owning up to its slogan of +the most winning"

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  • Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: not owning up to its slogan of +the most winning"

    Are you kidding me - you claim to be the "more winnners more often" casino! Again are you kidding me, I have been frequenting this same casino for the past 8 yrs, and until they changed/upgraded the establishment i was happy w/the casino slots/serivce. But since all this changed within the last 3-4 yrs, especially in the last 1 yr the casino has went tremendously downhill. I stopped in there on the day before thanksgiving (23 nov 2011), just to be able to be among people (and I had nowhere to go for thanksgiving) I as usual spent at least $1,000 as I usually spend on paydays, and the machines did not pay out anything, I only got to play for a little over 2 hrs. I never see a full crowd at the machines anymore, nor at least someone yelling that they were a winner. It is hard for some of us seniors/younger personnel that have no transportation but the bus, and it is very difficult to take a bus to other locations as I live near the I-5 casino, but for everyone we would like to see the slot machines have a better/more payoff as your slogan. I can tolerate the smoke and the personnel that clean/service/waitresses the casino that have nothing to do but stand behind you and watch you (makes me nervous). Please read our emails and reconsider letting there be more winners!!!! Thank you!

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