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Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: Empire City Needs to be Investigated!

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  • Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: Empire City Needs to be Investigated!

    Almost anyone who has ever gambled knows the percentages are always in the casino's favor. I've been playing craps for almost 50 years and I can tell you there is no such thing as a winning system. It's all about money management and self control. Limiting loses and taking advantage of hot streaks when they come is the best advice I can offer. For those that have visited Empire City and have played the Video Craps Machines, please listen to me, STAY AWAY! These machines are not random number generator programs. These machines are cheating the unknowing public out of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. These machines will interact based of the amount of money bet. Sure the one and two dollar bets will get some action, but once a player starts betting a little higher the machine starts to grind you out. You have no chance of winning once you start betting higher amounts or start pressing any of your wins. I've seen rolls on these machines I haven't witnessed in 50 years playing at casinos! This is not gambling when you play these Video Craps Machines, this is the State of New York stealing your hard earned money. Please, it's so heart breaking to watch so many people sit down at these machines thinking they are honest random number machines and lose thousands and thousands of dollars day in day out. If you played poker and saw two aces of spades in the same hand of the guy who was winning all night and had everyone's money at the table, you'd want to kill the bastard, knowing he was cheating everyone. Well Empire City is that same guy, if your one of those knuckleheads that don't believe, be my guest!!!! You'll hear his name often if you bet big on the numbers, he's called SEVEN OUT! The sad part is the more you chase the more you'll hear his name over and over and over! SEVEN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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