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Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino: Imperial Palace - Blah!

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  • Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino: Imperial Palace - Blah!

    Does anyone remember the Boardwalk Casino? I never stayed there but I did gamble there and I have to say that the Imperial Palace hotel rooms compare to the casino and buffet of the old Boardwalk Casino, pretty pathetic.Slots: The casino itself is not all that bad, kind of has a cozy intimate feel to it. Slot machines are ok. Like I always say, the more Video Poker and Blackjack machines the better.Table Games: Love the Dealertainers. I think it's a great idea, but think the minimums should be kept at $5 for most table games, except for obviously when it's real busy on the weekends. Would like to see $3 blackjack here if it's not here already. Customer Service: Check in agents didn't seem like they wanted to be there, bad impression (this was about 2 years ago).Player's Club: I like the special discounts I get at the Harrah's properties with my card even if I just gamble under $400 a trip. It is much appreciated and I hope they keep up the great discounts. Sometimes you can get a room at IP for $20 a night even though you can't pay me to stay there anymore.Gaming Atmosphere: Ok, not great, not real bad, just ok.Amenities or Hotel: The hotel is B-A-D. Really bad. The elevators took forever and are real rickety and the city of LV should actually check those things out. I actually feared for my safety staying at that hotel seriously. No security, this hotel has to get remodeled in a bad way. It's also very hard to find your room with the crazy escalator setup that they have...Food & Drink: Wow, the buffet here was something to behold and I don't mean that in a good way. About the only good thing about the buffet was some of the entertainers from one of the shows or it could've been some of the dealertainers were eating there and it was fun seeing them, but the food was not good and it was cold...

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