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Mohican North Star Casino Bingo: The Worst Payouts Around

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  • Mohican North Star Casino Bingo: The Worst Payouts Around

    Northstar Casino in WI has to have the worst payouts I have ever seen. Take a lot of money and don't plan on taking any home with you. It was not only me either, I have never seen so many negative grumble patrons in my life as I did at this casino.

    I should have known when I walked into the door and the couple leaving greeted me with 'Don't bother even going in there' and then I heard all the negative complaining about how the machines were paying when I walked into the restroom.

    They do not offer match plays to new customers and instead they give you a slip which you have to use in selected machines, which as I expected were set to pay out nothing but make me feel like I was already winning.

    The players club was not one of the friendlier ones I have ever seen but as for the floor staff, they were very very friendlly and the food was very good. Not as cheap as a lot of the other casinos in the area that offer food but still not too badly priced.

    They do not have a hotel and I did not play the tables, so I can not honestly rate these two items but I heard they are building a hotel as I write this so hopefully when it is completed, they will follow other casino practices as offer so really good hotel packages, because as of right now, I do not see a reason to ever want to return to Northstar any time in the future.


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