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Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Hollywood a Hoax

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  • Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Hollywood a Hoax

    This place is an absolute rip! The payout percentages are nowhere near what is advertised. A few high frequency/low payout machines are scattered about. If I would have known what the owner's intentions were, I would have actively campaigned to disallow slot parlors in PA.

    This place is a serious opportunity for a grand expose. I'm sure hoping that more folk will consider that there are much better opportunities for winning a few bucks in AC or even Delaware.

    The payout percentages are set so low that you barely even get playing time before you're tapped out. Shame on those who allow themselves to continually be suckered!

    The Action card does not accumulate points for food or any other comps. The drinks are also way too high compared to other gaming joints.

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