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Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: never seem to win !!!

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  • Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: never seem to win !!!

    Im sorry to say this- empire casino just does not pay to play. I understand gambling is gambling.... and should only spend what you can afford to lose. because here at empire city that is what WILL happen. my husbamd and i go usually 2 times per month . we walk in with 3 grand and walk out with change in our pocket ALWAYS. makes you wonder how that can happen time and time again. the service is the - well what am i saying there is no service. you can be so thirsty and sitting on a machine losing hundreds of dollars and you cant even get service. when you do get service a small small soda the waitress gives you dirty look if her tip is not at least a dollar. and that is what i give for my little soda in hopes she will come back by soon.. ha-ha no way. service here is simply not given here and the gambler is not important to the house. they see how many thousands you spend there via member card. and you e-mail me a 5 dollar coupon that i have to print.. what is up with that. i have never been offered food . how do you get that there ? meaning comped - ballys just sent us a coupon for 4 free nights and 150.00 free play - hhmmm ! we only went there once and that is what they are offering.. come on empire get it together- let people win at least a little. I feel as if i have personally paid for your remodel- your welcome !! we shall see if there is any changes due to new casino openning. better get your friendly hats on as for i see empire losing a ton of customers ( members ).. I have not seen a jackpot go out to a peson in 2 years .. hhmm !!

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