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  • Casino Del Sol: HUGE!!!

    Two casinos: 1) the main casino with the new hotel, and 2) the little casino a few miles off the main road.1) The main casino is huge!! My first visit, I never got out of the room to the right as you walk in. A lot of my favorite slots were there and they have some of the newest slots in that room. The smoke doesn't bother me as much at the Desert Diamond casino. Players appear respectful towards other players here and it isn't as crowded as Desert Diamond, so maybe that is part of it. I had left my lucky charm on a machine for about 20 minutes, forgot it, and when I wildly returned to where I had left it, it was still there with a nice lady watching over it. One negative is that I never get served a soda/drink, and Arizona is hot. Sitting there for a long time without liquid is not good for business. Every time I've ever gotten a soda, I've had to get the servers as they walk out of the prep room. Probably not enough drink servers--but I notice that no one ever tips them except me. Venturing out to other parts of the casino, one can go to the left as they enter and walk down a narrow hall with slots, so they are smart to use up every available space to their advantage. You walk into some table games, which I don't play, and then some slots to the right, circling around the room. There are some places to eat, but I haven't tried them. When I thought I had seen all the slots, I found yet another room and another just goes on and on. They have a beautiful hotel open now, so that should impact the atmosphere. Rooms seem a little on the high end for my budget, however. I like roaming around this place for hours but I never leave with any money. The parking lot seems safe and well lit.Casino #2, sub-casino a few miles off the main road: This is a little casino. The parking lot is small but you can always find a spot. It's kind of cozy in the desert surrounded by cactus. You get a snapshot of Tucson locals here, along with the Indians greeting you at the door. There's quite a variety of machines here and I see people winning small amounts as I walk around the room. Again, at either casino, I have not seen any big wins and all of the casinos in Tucson kind of make me want to avoid the Tucson gaming scene.

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