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Ameristar Casino Hotel - Vicksburg: Unpleasant

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  • Ameristar Casino Hotel - Vicksburg: Unpleasant

    I was excited to check out a riverboat casino, and in the area for work. The outside looked awesome, the inside was super smokey and had garbage on the carpet. We clearly didn't know where to go no signs just looking lost, and it was really hard to find anyone that worked there that wasn't avoiding eye contact and walking off. Finally found where you sign up ourselves and got in line. We heard some casinos put a little money on the card your first time, we told the girl at the desk after waiting in an impossibly long it was our first time. She asked us info like our phone number, addy, email... we figured they were confirming we were new. She gives us our cards, saying nothing. So we go off to the slots, and find a $0 balance. Why did they need all our info then? Whatever, we go to a touchscreen machine, to try to put some money on the card. It asks us for our pin. We weren't given a pin, and the number on the card doesn't work as it. At this point, I've inhaled enough second hand smoke to take a year off my life. Even the tiny non smoking area on Level 1 (down the escalator) has ashtrays and people smoking. I also saw very few cocktail waitresses, and none were carrying any drinks or asking anyone what they wanted. This place had the best reviews? Oh what a world.

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