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Dubuque Greyhound Park Casino: Dubuque Greyhound Park amp; Casino

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  • Dubuque Greyhound Park Casino: Dubuque Greyhound Park amp; Casino

    If your looking for a fun relaxing atmosphere with the potential to win some big bucks than this is definitely a great casino to visit. They offer many table games and of course slots as well. Not to mention the dogs you can bet on as well. I'm more of a slot fan but I hear some hoots ans hollers coming from the tables from some lucky winner!

    There is a wide selection of slots to choose from. You have your state of the art slots with surround sound "Bose" systems to your regular old fashion machines. There are a few progressive machines, my favorite being Fort Knox which I won 1,392, not to mention the machine I was on had a few very nice payouts! Now that was a fun night.

    Their reward club is decent, I have used my points to order a few things here and there which takes about 15 weeks to show up from their warehouse. I was beginning to wonder if my last shipment was stolen, but UPS showed up 3 weeks late. Of course they were out of my "model" and it was substituted with the "Nicer" model! OK, it was worth the wait I guess!

    Overall customer service is up to par. It depends who's working I guess and their attitude for the night, some friendlier than others. One things for certain, they always wish you the best of luck. It's nice to walk up and have 3 people greet you and hold the door open for you. Did I mention free vault parking? Of course I always tip the help decently for their assistance.

    They are currently remodeling the whole casino for a "French" theme. They only drawback is the quick all cart food bar and brunch is closed at the moment due to remodeling.

    They still have their "Sit Down" restaurant with delicious food and an excellent choice! You can also use your reward points to purchase your meals! Win, Win in my book!

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