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Lauberge du Lac Hotel & Casino: Overall ratings

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  • Lauberge du Lac Hotel & Casino: Overall ratings

    I am inclinded to agree with the people who find not winning much at LeBurge du Lac. My husband won $1200.00 once and Iwon $700. We do put alot in the slots, as we are not table players. We find that one has to play the higher cost games to evenbegin to win. Because of this, we do get complimentary rooms most of the times when we go. The food is great..never a badmeal yet.One thing we would like to see is that there be a slot room for none smokers. Secondary smoke makes it really bad for thosewho don't smoke and or have or had heart problems. It is isn't any different than the room they recently made, closed in forspecial players. I really think they are enough people who would agree with me and because the casino does so well, I hardlythink people would stop going there.I would really like to see more people win, also. A lot of people may find this the only entertainment they have where they can relaxand spend some good social time with others and may be limited to what slots they can play in order to not get a gambling problem.It should be a place where are levels of people can have a good time and let many people win. "You gotta loosen thosemachines just a little more, guys" and let the people win." There is a saying among GOOD business men: "One has to spendmoney to MAKE money: AM I not right?Hope our next trip will be another good one, but better than the last one.

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