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Wind Creek Casino & Hotel: House has ridiculous advantage!

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  • Wind Creek Casino & Hotel: House has ridiculous advantage!

    This casino has class 2 slot machines and are not regulated by the federal government, this means that the payout percentage is only determined in-house and regulated only by the organization/tribe. Their games at certain times seem to payout 20 percent meaning put a hundred in a machine and win 20 dollars.Put 500 into a machine and it might only payout a hundred dollars.Ive been a club member for awhile and this is not just based on personal experience but everyone else I know that refuses to go there.You cannot have an enjoyable experience with that kind of house advantage.I realize the house has the advantage and you will walk away losing some of the time.However there payouts are so ridiculous that you cant really have an enjoyable experience.Avoid the games!However there accommodations are great from what I hear, just dont gamble.

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