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Riverwind Casino: Truly a NeverWin

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  • Riverwind Casino: Truly a NeverWin

    I've been going to this casino occasionally... I win some but lose a lot... My wife likes it because of the high ceiling and cleaner air (compared to other ok casino) I'd rather go to Newcastle or Kikapoo -although lacking the luxuries of neverwin or firelakes- but at least you get to play longer and maybe leave with some winning, sometimes big ones.Again, I don't like neverwin mostly because I always loose... the only exception, is on Valentines day I won a 600.00 on an .80 bet. and that has been the biggest win ever, even on those "lucky" days when I get a bonus on a much higher bet. All in all, I would only go to neverwin to make my wife happy but i keep my money in my wallet and watch her give hers away.

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