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Bellagio: terrible customer service in the poker room

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  • Bellagio: terrible customer service in the poker room

    Yeah the Bellagio is nice to look at but when you get to the poker room watch out for the nasty attitudes the floor people and dealers have! One time I was there, on the table I was at the tracking machine to get comps was broke, so they told "sorry it's not working and you can't get comps" When I asked can we go to another table they said NO! And then the last time I was there in the poker room the floor man said you need to get chips and I said Ok and he pointed to the cage! Every casino ive been to will bring you chips, and then when I left and asked for some chip trays to leave the floor man pointed at them about 30 feet away and said "They are over there!" They all have this entitled attitude because it's "The Bellagio" and I am not good enough to play there! And you also have to post to come in to a game, which the local casinos don't make you do. I am so fed up with them I don't think I will ever play there again!

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