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Horseshoe Casino Cleveland: Needs some work but very impressive!

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  • Horseshoe Casino Cleveland: Needs some work but very impressive!

    Living in Cleveland all of my life, I always knew a casino, if done correctly, could be a great thing downtown. Dan Gilbert spared no expenses on this one. Its gorgeous inside. Keeping the integrity of the Higbees building, the Horseshoe is impressiveAre there some things they could improve upon? Sure. Here are a few:1) Table Games: I know it's week one and it's busy but I am hoping table minimums of $50 doesn't stay. My guess is once the excitement wears off these will decrease. That being said, even with the high minimums the tables were full2)Food & Drink: They definitely need a 24 hour food service somewhere in there. If you are going to be open 24 hours, then you need to accommodate your guests. That being said we had the Sunday brunch. I heard some squawking about the price($22) but this is a BRUNCH. They had everything you could want. And good luck finding a quality brunch in Cleveland for under $20. Also, they need to staff the bars better and have quicker service from waitresses. Having one bartender at a bar isn't going to cut it and waiting 30 minutes for a pop isn't going to cut it either. Love the option of being able to order from your seat. Very cool! Hopefully this will improve as things die downBe aware that you can get FREE parking if you gamble 30 minutes and have a tier score of 15. Simply take your players card and swipe it in one of the promotions areas. It will give you a validation to give to the parking attendant. You must park in the 2 assigned garages though. Look on their website for more info!

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