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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: Payouts have really tightened up

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  • Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: Payouts have really tightened up

    The slots at Mystic Lake have gradually gone more and more downhill in terms of payouts since 2003 in my opinion. Now they are REALLY tight, the tightest I've seen. I think Mystic Lake has a pact with the government to take money normally awarded to customers and give it to the government to help pay down the national debt. These people are CHEAP. The organization the Indians have awarded the running of the casino to is based out-of-state and is a very rich, large and cold heart-ed corporation. The organization that runs the casino insists on giving itself too much additional profit after paying the Indian owners. In 1998, I bet 78,000 dollars at Mystic Lake and won 77,000 back. In the last four years I have bet over 35,000 dollars on the slots at Mystic Lake and won just two jackpots, one for $1,500 and one for $1000, and have very, very rarely walked out a winner, I would say 8 times out of 9 I lose the 100 to 200 bucks I bet and the other time I average about 100 bucks in winnings - - that's it. Don't go if you have alternatives.

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