Beautiful facility. Greeted by friendly staff at the Player's Club booth. Excellent selection of slots - wide variety at most play levels. Floor layout made it easy to get around without the usual cramped and congested feel of some casinos. Arrived very early in the day with easy parking and minimal crowd. However, before 11AM the entire place stunk from cigerette smoke. I am not smoke sensitive and can usually tolerate being around smokers but this was terrible. There is a designated players area for smokers but it seems to be totally ignored as smokers roamed the entire casino and half filled ashtrays were just about everywhere. We cut our day trip short and left 4 hours earlier than planned just to get away from the horrific smoke smell. Drove half way back to Dayton with the car windows open to help get the stench from our clothes. Either the facility has insufficient ventilation or the air handlers were not working properly. I can see this casino taking a major hit when the 4 Ohio SMOKE FREE casinos are all up and running. Too bad they spent so much money building this beautiful facility and failed to spend a few extra bucks for some no smoking signs.

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