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Maryland Live!: Do not bother!

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  • Maryland Live!: Do not bother!

    If you do not arrive early expect to wait hours to enter the casino, being that many are attempting to see what the hype is about. The location is convenient; however,it should have not been approved for its location: the mall is always packed, and traffic is always congested in the evening (major hubs 100, 295, dump into Arundel Mills Blvd). The grand opening was a nightmare, over 30k people attempting to enter a two-three lane blvd into mall (cops stopped answering calls). Note on safety, Arundel Mills always draws a rougher crowd, this past winter someone was shot and killed in the parking lot, this is not the first time. In fact, most locals no to keep an eye out if they go near that mall, lot of fights, scanner can be interesting on weekends. Forward, the Casino staff is incompetent, and inexperienced, it took forty five minutes for a slot machine tech to arrive and fix the machine: they do not offer free sodas from a machine, you have to wait and find a cocktail waitress (very few of them at that). Payout on slots, you kidding? To give you an idea, I have been there twice and both times, all of the ATM's were out of cash, I repeat all of the ATM's were out of cash. I have noticed the slots manager is a rookie, for the looser (Dare I say) are placed in the most obvious of areas,in other words where people can see you, by the food court, center of X in pathway... As far as bell ringers I have not heard or seen any: had several people swear they would not return, they claim they are heading back to DE casinos. Most people I noticed were in and out of Casino in thirty minutes, they blew their limit. There appear to be a few loose ones in the bunch, but the casino is too new to verify, in general follow the oldest rules: low max payout, low line combo, and you are likely to find the loose one, and sometimes it's right in a center of a row. By loose, do not expect to collect a nice amount, just enough to play for a few hours. In general, save your money go to Vegas, if not an option, I have noticed Dover Downs loosening their slots recently, actually starting to payout again! Finally, I would not recommend this casino, parking is a nightmare, long lines: it reminds me of Charlestown, slots are tight, but find the gem and you may hit a jackpot or play for a few hours.

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