Hollywood Casino in Toledo has a nice setup but the worst payout I've ever seen. All the machines are very tight. $20 on a penny machine at $.30 a pull will last you 5 minutes if you're lucky, less on higher ones. If you do hit the any free spins on them like the women beside me did, she won a big $.90 from the 25 free spins she won! She had spent almost $400 on those penny machine and was there 1/2 hour and that was the only thing she hit for. I lost $100 in 15 minutes at a penny machine playing the $.30 a pull and never hit anything. We were there on a Tuesday night for about 3 hours and never heard any machines hit. We talked with many others and no could hit anything. I read the reviews before I went so I knew that many had said the machines were tight but I never thought they were this tight. Their players card is useless as well. The comps aren't good for anything but to move to the next card level which doesn't really give you anything but free valet parking Monday - Thursday and discounted on Fri-Sun. Valet parking is $5, so there is no real savings. They don't even give free cash or free food with their players cards. If you are a soda drinker they offer all the coke you can drink, but if you drink coffee or tea you have to hunt down someone or pay $2.25 at the Grill 2 for one. Food prices are very high as well. I checked out the steak house menu and a 10 oz steak will set you back $58 bucks and that is just the steak, side cost extra! So it would cost around $165 - $250.00 just for a couple to have dinner there. If this how they plan on running this casino it will be gone in a year. Toledo is a working mans or womans city with a income for $30,000 to $40,000 a year, not $400,000 to a million a year. I will go back in 6 months if they are still there and give them another shot, but in the mean time the $15 bucks in gas to go MI is worth it at this point. At least they will give me something on my players cards and I know the odds are a lot better and my money will last a lot longer.

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