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Main Street Station Hotel & Casino: short but sweet craps

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  • Main Street Station Hotel & Casino: short but sweet craps

    Was in Vegas for my niece's wedding halloween weekend at thw Flamingo. About 25 different members of my family met there for the event. After the wedding festivities were completed, I was able to get 6 of us together and head downtown for some gambling. We immediately headed to Main Street Station for the 20x odds on craps. We were there for about an hour, my nephew and I were having a decent run of luck at the table, when all of a sudden the girls came up to us and said they wanted to head back to the strip. It guess the atmosphere wasn't right for them.So I submit my review as this... If you are going to Las Vegas to gamble, have a few good drinks, not worry about anything and just have fun, I would definitely recommend frequenting the Main Street Station. With low limits, great odds, and a relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to be. But I will admit that if you are bringing your wife or girlfriend, want to drink a $15 martini, go see Celine Dion, spend the day shopping, eat a $100 gourmet meal made by a guy from the food network, see fountains, pirate ships, blue guys, erupting volcanoes, and gamble at places with high limits, when she lets you...the main street station is not for you.That is all!

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