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Northern Quest Casino: Too much has changed

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  • Northern Quest Casino: Too much has changed

    NQ was fun when it first opened up. Each year it has put in more expensive machines to play, and taken away many of the fun machines. It seems to cater to the rich folks and less and less for the retired folks and fixed income people who want good food and a good time without going bankrupt. The assorted keno machines and poker machines have been removed. The keno machines put in by the keno lounge were always busy, so they were removed. There are no keno or poker machines in the Non Smoking area either. At least the seasick barriers didn't stay long. Not only the customers had to keep taking the long way around them, so did the employees. The food choices seem to be shrinking, especially the salad bar. The carpets can't possibly be wearing out as fast as they are being changed. We too, are going to Coeur d'Alene or Cheweleh or Two Rivers. Definitely more friendly. All are too smokey.

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