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Seminole Casino Coconut Creek: It's a shame

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  • Seminole Casino Coconut Creek: It's a shame

    I have been a loyal player to this Coconut Indian casinos since day one. In the past you would hear bells going off and people winning big & small Jackpots , plenty of people on the floor to help. Now you walk in and once in a while you see a person on the floor. The reason they need so little help is because very few jack pots go off and the floor help like the past is not needed, I never expect to win every time , but NOW its just HORRIFIC and I guess that the way its going to be If you didn't know how it was in the past, you would just think this is normal that the slot machines are so tight that the metal is cracking. They are not regulated by the state and can make the pay outs whatever they feel they want and they do. I noticed that recently getting a bonus rounds paying NOTHING?? I couldn't believe it. Never saw that for years and all of a sudden its happens quite often. Wonder Why?? Its sad that a place of business is allowed to fleece the public with no one to protect us.. ENOUGH SAID!

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