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Saratoga Gaming and Raceway: POOR PAYOUTS

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  • Saratoga Gaming and Raceway: POOR PAYOUTS

    When Saratoga first opened, that place was a skipping and a hopping. If you want to blow your money away, Saratoga Racino is a good choice because as one customer put it, its a giant money pit. All you do is look inside the large black hole and that's what you see, a large hold. Basically, stay away from this place because their $$$ payouts have gone down significantly over the years. I recently wrote to the NYS Lottery Division and they defend their payouts as the best in the country. THe place is a massive rip-off. If you want to throw your money, you might as well open your car windows and just blow your $$$ out the window. More information below.Most people don't realize that Racino's in NYS are regulated through the NYS Div of the Lottery. Because casinos are not yet legal in NYS, the existing racinos are regulated under NYS Lottery DIvision rules and regulations. Your chances of winning at the racinos are about as good as buying a lottery ticket. Most lottery tickets don't pay. The machines are referred to as video lottery terminals (not slots - big difference). What that means is that the State Central Control System run by the NYS Lottery determines the payouts NOT THE individual racino operators. If you get mad because the machines aren't paying, take it up with NYS. WIth that said, the State Lottery Div. prides itself that its machine payouts are way about the 90% payout requirement. According to stats put out by NYS, the racino payouts are about 92%. Here's the dirty little secret, payouts are not the amount of money paid out, but the number of times a machine pays. I've seen many times when a machine will pay out maybe $.18 on a $2 bet. That $.18 payout counts as one time towards the 92% payout. So, while the state boasts that it has a high payout, what they don't tell you is the dollar amount payouts are significantly less because the State controls how much each machine pays out. Also, the video lottery terminals at all the NYS racino facilities are owned by the State and not the operators. If you wish to just go out for night and have a little fun, don't expect that $50 to carry you very long. In fact even at $.40 a bet, that $50 may last you 15 minutes if you're lucky because the machines simply don't pay. Its awful.

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