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Ho Chunk Gaming - Madison: A Fun Time - but stinky

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  • Ho Chunk Gaming - Madison: A Fun Time - but stinky

    My husband and I live pretty darn close to this place. We went in once and signed up for the Players Reward card, ever since we have been given "free plays" for each week of every month. It is not a whole lot. I usually get $20/week and he gets $10/week. I believe it is dependent on how much you have played in the past. They also will text you free entries to promotions, and extra free plays. We also get free food coupons. Oh and we went last night for the monthly promotion; we took a break from the slots to get dinner. We each had a Deluxe bacon cheeseburger. It was awesome! $7.25 each. VERY VERY good burger, huge portion and it comes with a large portion of extremely hot and tasty french fries! All drinks are always free which does sometimes unfortunately lead to rude people leaving their cups laying around the casino floor and on the machines. The servers are always really nice. The young man cooking takes serious control of his kitchen, we have watched him kick out a young server who was messing around and refused to put on a hair net. He would not tolerate it. Food has always come out fast and very hot and tasty! Servers offer to grab you some ketchup even though it is right next to you...or they will grab you some silverware even though it too is self serve and we could have easily gotten it ourselves. We enjoy playing the slots - and yes it is based on BINGO wins and you can tell if you have won before the reels stop - but it is still fun. We don't plan on getting rich by going here. It is a casino - they are not in the business of giving away money. But we have each won more than we have lost. One night my husband was called twice for a tournament promotion they were having - he won $250 and then $125. We only played the free $20 & $10 free plays they had sent us.The only complaint I can even offer is about the smoking. It used to be all smoking and it was always very smoky and stinky. I do not smoke but my husband does. Even he thought it stunk quite bad. But they have recently changed it so that about 1/3rd of the casino is designated as smoke free. But since it is all open, it is really like having a no peeing area in a pool. It is still very stinky and you will leave with a sore throat, smelly hair and clothing and burning eyes. Even if you stay in the "non smoking" side of the casino. Also, the pay cage is on the smoking side as is the Rewards Booth and the stage where they do all the promotions. So you can expect to be exposed to large amounts of second hand smoke and stink. It is just part of the deal.As for people who say the machines are tight? I don't know what you consider tight. Last night I played with my $20 in free plays - I left with $400. We were there for 5 hours. So - all said, it is a great time, very much fun - great food and service and unless you can't tolerate the stink - you should go have some fun!

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