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SunCruz Aquasino: Nasty Ship, Great Crew

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  • SunCruz Aquasino: Nasty Ship, Great Crew

    My wife and I went on the ship this last Friday and it turned out to be a very rough uncomfortable ride. Everywhere we looked people were vomiting including the buffet room so needless to say we didn't eat there. Not sure what was wrong with the air conditioning system but it was so hot on the boat it made things even worse. It got really bad and my wife starting succumbing to the rolling of the boat and I made my way to the Players Club on the lower deck to just ask about any motion sickness pills. A gentleman sitting at a computer was rude, treated me like a 3rd class citizen, didn't offer any help, so I made my way back to my wife. About that time a female officer noticed my wife leaning against the machine and stopped to ask if she could be of assistance. Capt De went and got my wife some ginger ale and some crackers and this helped her considerably. She also had a lady who apparently worked keeping the room and restrooms clean checking on my wife and it seemed every 15 minutes or so Capt De would walk by and speak with us and others. The casino itself wasn't bad but the restrooms were awful, not filthy, seemed like there was always a guy or gal in there cleaning after all the sick people but the smell in the men's room about knocked you over and the overall condition of the sinks, countertops, etc looked like something you might find in a 50 year old trailer park. The M Casino was a much nicer and definitely cleaner ship but the crew on Aquasino were much nicer including the gals dealing blackjacks. Too bad someone can't combine the two.

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