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Desert Diamond Hotel Casino - Nogales: Why Don't They Listen to the Customer

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  • Desert Diamond Hotel Casino - Nogales: Why Don't They Listen to the Customer

    I attend the Desert Diamond Casino on Nogales Hwy on a regular basis. The Atmosphere is okay but seems to being going downhill. Customers have constantly inquired about increasing the availability of slot machines that have the most interest. These suggestions seem to go unanswered for some reason.

    There are customers waiting for certain machines constantly and other less popular machines go unplayed. This does not make sense to me. You would think a casino would want to supply the customer with the machines they like to play or they will go elsewhere. Not the case at the Desert Diamond. I have talked with several other customers who have expressed the same concern, with no answer, so this is not just from one patron.

    I am also feeling that the Casino is not that interested in the Customer in general. I state this fact by the ever increasing lack of Customer service. Drink and service personal are getting harder and harder to find when it comes to general emenities a patron may desire. You may sit for hours without ever seeing a drink person.

    I do not want to make it appear that everything is negative at this Casino. The food in general is very good and affordable. The service personnel that I do have the opportunity to interact with are nice.

    With such a fabulous location it is a shame that the people in charge don't take Customer Service to the next level.....

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