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Kansas Star Casino: Not bad in small doses

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  • Kansas Star Casino: Not bad in small doses

    I've never been much of a casino person, however when Kansas Star opened I thought I'd check it out.When they first opened, I was going a few times a week. Generally spending no more than $40 per visit. They suffered what I would assume would be expected pains of opening a much anticipated attraction for the area. During peak times it was very crowded. . . but off peak times were very bearable. Drinks were way overpriced, but are more reasonable now). I've started going much less. Deciding to instead make the trek down to First Council or Native Lights.Slots - Kansas Star changes slots fairly often. Which may or may not be a good thing. Personally, I get attached to certain games and want to be able to play them when I go. Unfortunately, for them and me, they've gotten rid of all but one of the games that I enjoy. I miss the Hangover and Diamond Peak machines. I've not had any real luck since the casino opened. My biggest payout at one machine was just over $100.00. That happened only once. Generally, if I go in with $40.00, I'm out of money within 30 mins.From what I've experienced lately, machines at First Council and Native Lights tend to pay out better than slots at Kansas Star. Not to mention that Native Lights has the $1.00 Hangover machine and a machine called Red Hot Fusion, which I also love. All of that being said, I don't plan many trips back to Kansas Star.Table Games - The only table game I've played is Roulette. I played during the first couple of months after they opened. But quickly got turned off by the lack of manners that players displayed while playing. Additionally, it seemed that each dealer played by a different set of rules. The basics of the game were the same for all, but some of the nuances were applied differently. In my last few visits, the Roulette table doesn't seem to be nearly as busy as it used to be. Additionally they've added 2 more tables that are open during peak hours. So maybe if I do go back to Kansas Star I'll play Roulette instead of slots.Food & Drinks - The food is actually pretty good and reasonably priced. I've tried their burgers, dogs and pizza and was pleased with all of my meals. Free soda is standard in this area but I do wish the cups were just a little bigger. Drink prices were initially very high, but they have brought them down to a more reasonable price. At $3.00 for a bottle of domestic beer they are more in line with what bars and restaurants sell them at. However, both First Council and Native Light offer $1.50 domestic draws. Which is yet another reason I've decided to spend my money further south.In short. . . if you live in Wichita and you want to entertain yourself for an hour or two. Kansas Star will work. But if you're looking to make an evening or day of it? Make the trip further south to First Council or Native Lights.

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