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The Meadows Racetrack & Casino: Avoid this casino

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  • The Meadows Racetrack & Casino: Avoid this casino

    So any casino that has a ribbon cutting for a car garage(not joking, it was on the news, hahaha) and advertises it on their webpage like it is a "big deal" should make you wary. Seriously, who celebrates the opening of a car garage? Here is another thing to make you wary. On Friday, August 24th, 2012 around 7PM, all the slots shut off. It was quick, like a 2 second flicker and all the machines rebooted. 20 minutes later, after the machines rebooted, many couldn't cash out their machine. And then, even if you were lucky enough to have a ticket to cash out, you couldn't. All the cash machines said, "see cashier", so you go to the cashier who says, "we can't give you money". We were told it may take 2-3 hours for those with money in the slots or has ticket to get the actual money (No Meadows employee knew much of anything to tell you. That said, in general, if you work there, you are probably not the sharpest tool in the shed. And you would think at least the female waitresses/bartenders would be good looking, but, in general, they are not, so don't go there expecting any eye candy on the workforce). Anyway, they proceeded to clear out the whole casino (PA Gaming Commission mandated). Queue the 2 hour wait to exit the casino (including the brand new parking garage, hahaha). The slots rebooting all at once has happened at least 1 time before (well documented in the news), and I was told it has happened 3-4 other times in addition. You would think, after the previous issues, a couple diesel generators may be a good idea to help the unstable power situation the casino obviously has. Instead of diesel generators the Meadows choose to build a parking garage I guess. They probably won't need the spaces the way this casino is going. On another note, all the bar slots are sticky and screens are misaligned (you have to work to get it to actually pick what you wanted to pick). I approached a slot attendant about this after noticing the same machines on numerous visits having the same problems. He said, "well, people spill drinks on them all the time". Ok, but some how, other casinos, including others in PA, figured out how to clean the machines so they are working correctly, evidently Meadows hasn't yet. Then again, they can't keep the power running on the slots, so I guess asking for non-sticky working machines is a reach.Bottom-line....if you are on I-79 and looking to gamble, best to just go to Wheeling Island or Rivers Casino. The Meadows is fast becoming just a hick playground of those in Washington County. And within 3 years, may not even exist. They already have competition from Rivers and the West Virginia casinos. It may be all over when Ohio starts up their casinos.

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