I have been going to winstar for about 5 years and have had a great time every time until this last year. overall for last year i walked away 3000.00 ahead. However, i have lost 8 times that amount in only 8 months. There payOff has dissapeared... the machine might give you 200 but only after youve lost 4-500. I had an envelope with 900.00 left in it and as i was walking to the hotel room, the envelope came out of my pocket. This was my fault of course but, everytime i look up... Im constantly reminded that Im being watched by thousands of cameras... So, I ran to the secuirty office and talked to the supervisor... i showed him the exact places I had been so he could pull the cameras up and see what happened with the money. about 2 hours later... He notified me that he would keep checking it out but couldnt find anything. Then... i found out that he closed out his report and that it couldnt be found. Thats funny... especially considering how observant there attendants are to how you play on there machines and such... I guess that with all the loosing just kind of hit me wrong... They have stopped sending as much complimentary cards in the mail... on this trip... playing quarter machines, I quickly lost over 400.00 On the dollar machines,,, I lost 500.00 in about 30 minutes and on the other machines.. I lost about 1400 if your going to play for a long period... Only bet 1 line at one penny and hope that you havent gone through a 20 with in 20 minutes This place has gotten very rediculous and quite tight... If you happen to pass by... You might notice the new hotel and constant growth of everything from the inside to the out. none of this would be possible without money... Your money and mine is Building this soon to be... largest US Casino. Also, I did read several of these reviews and the few that are positive, look like they were written by the winstar publicity department.

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