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Revel Casino Resort: Boring

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  • Revel Casino Resort: Boring

    The place is new. Guess what? New doesn't impress me by itself. The place seems to be resting on the fact that it is new.I've been here twice. The first time I thought I might have been hard on the place. After the second time, I knew that I was fair. It's a horrible casino.First, the whole place is laid out horribly. Just getting onto the casino floor from the boardwalk is a chore. First walk up the stairs to the valet area. Don't cross the driveway, they won't let you. Walk around the circle to the entrance. Then take the long escalator up to the casino floor. Table games aren't even grouped together. A couple are here, a couple more over there. And I'm guessing that they didn't hire one dealer with any experience, because these dealers are slow (and the place has been open for 5 months now).Forget drinks. In both trips here I have yet to be approached by a cocktail waitress.Video poker is what I would expect from a casino in PA. Not very good pay tables.And even with the music and the dancing, the place is boring. There is no excitement whatsoever.I would say that this is the worst casino in town in my opinion. They're going to have to up the ante for me to come back.

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