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Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino: BAD SERVICE!!!

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  • Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino: BAD SERVICE!!!

    I recently stayed at the Wendover Nugget and it was a horrible experience. They messed up our reservation and when we went to check in tried to charge us 3 times as much as we had booked our room for. They had booked the wrong room and the rate on the room we had asked for had gone up by then. They said that rate we had reserved was no longer available and would not give it to us. We thought the mistake could be resolved easily enough and asked to speak to the manager. Manager Brandon MIller was very rude and upcooperative. He couldn't fathom the idea that they had made a mistake and accused us of lying. Even though he verified the rate we said we had reserved was available the day we booked it he said he had no "proof" that we asked for that rate. Any normal person would ask for the best available rate right? I would never call and say please charge me double or better yet triple!! Anyway after going around in circles about getting the rate he told us that was the price and we could take it or go elsewhere!! I couldn't believe that this was someone who was considered a manager! I know a lot about customer service and would never speak to anyone that way. I would have loved to have gone somewhere else but at that point the other casinos were booked up so we were stuck taking it. As far as the stay the beds in the room were not very comfortable and the light in the bathroom was very dim and flickered. There was a hole in the wall in our room and the steak buffet was not very good. We also went to a restaurant in the casino that had us wait for 45 min for our food and didn't bring one person in our group a plate when they brought the food. After a few minutes they told us they were out of what she had ordered and she needed to pick something else. I just wonder why didn't they realize that when the order was placed 45 min prior? I would not recommend this place. It may be slightly less expensive but they are lacking in service and common sense.

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