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Tulalip Casino: Disappointed/Declining standards

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  • Tulalip Casino: Disappointed/Declining standards

    I was a regular at this casino since it opened years ago. It's really going downhill in every aspect. Customer service, courtesy, and food quality was all top notch years ago. With the influx of Canadians from up north, everything has declined except the prices.

    Buffet quality was excellent, although not of Vegas quality, still pretty good. Now, no way. You're better off going to an Old Country Buffet instead which is really sad. In Canada, buffets are virtually extinct, except Oriental buffets. Only one casino in Vancouver Canada, the River Rock, has a buffet and it's small and mediocre.

    Clearly, management of the Tulalip Casino are catering or focusing a lot on the cross border shoppers who will spend a day or two to take advantage of their $400 duty free exemption while shopping at the outlets next door or in Seattle. Besides, Canadians have been conditoned from an early age not to complain so the casino is not motivated to improve things.

    As far as the hotel goes, I am surprised they've built one. While this is no Vegas resort/casino, management seem to think it is and are charging outrageous prices. It's a shame, most of the management team have never set foot in any Vegas casino.

    I suggest spending your gambling money elsewhere. Hit this casino where it hurts, in their pocket book and maybe then they'll smarten up. However, don't bet on it.

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