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  • Wind Creek Casino Hotel: Wind Creek - Something in the Air - Your Money!

    I had visited the casino prior to the grand opening to the public as part of a test group and was surprised/dissapointed at how things were today. First I don't think they were prepared for the crowd. Since there were so many dissapointments I decided to write them out by each one and then I will list the positivies.

    Members Club - The lines for the Members Club were extremely long (the entire day and night). It was a long process to get the card. Then when you used your card the pin didnt work (computer error) and points weren't being applied properly. I would have gone to Member services to complain or get help but that would have required me to stand in line for an hour.

    Slots (Payouts)- First I want to say that the payout for these machines today was pitiful. I am dissapointed that a week earlier before the "grand opening" the machines were hitting large jackpots such as 20k, 50k and etc...several people I know including my husband won atleast a couple of thousand dollars. Well here we are a week later and the highest jackpot won was barely 5k. There were a couple of others that won 2k but not many. The machines just were not hitting ..period. I realize that you are gambling and can lose money but seriously there was a marked difference in the payouts. The payouts on these machines seem to be around 85% instead of where most machines pay 95%- 98%.
    The second slot issue was that the machines would not accept the cash payout slips. When you would insert them in another machine they would read as unavailable. This was only complicated by the fact the cashout machines were very few and most were broken. I personally stood in line for 45 minutes waiting for a technician to come and fix the machine (took them maybe two minutes). My only other option would have been to go the cashier and the lines were rediculous. Everyone I spoke too said they would not come back if they paid like this and most had lost all their money. I realize a casino has to make money BUT payouts as pitiful as this and how infrequent they occured will keep most people away. I too lost out today...would have been glad to just break even.

    Buffett - The good thing is that we were given a free buffet. The bad news was that again the lines were long. almost out the door long. I waited in line for an hour to eat. But the food was good and it was a nice variety. I can not comment on the other restaurants.

    Customer Service - There were a lot of customer service walking around and if you needed help they did go the extra mile to help you. My only complaint would be when a machine broke, you had to hunt them down. You also had to hunt down the waitresses too. You do get free drinks while you are playing so I believe that is a positive (although drinking and gambling are a sure way to lose money).

    The hotel is very attractive. I am excited to see what the rooms look like. The only reason (at this time) that I am going back is because I have comp rooms and free play money. Other than that I probably would be going to another casino for better pay back. I truly hope that maybe this was a first day extreme that all these problems can get taken care of.

    Payout Slips - There was a computer error and the payout slips were being read as invalid when you tried to use them in another machine. So unless you wanted to stand in line at the Cashier area for probably an hour you had to put more cash in the machine or go to the cash out machines. The only problem with that was also the long lines and then some of the machines were broke. I personlly stood in line for 45 minutes waiting for a technician to come fix the machine (took maybe a minute)

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