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  • Dover Downs Slots: Dover Downs

    Where to start? The customer service is rude and unfriendly, your players choice card doesn't mean anything, because you're lucky to be able to play for 10 minutes.

    It's very rare anyone hits big here. The slots, no matter where you scout or check probability and percentage payouts, don't offer much of a payback. A $500 bankroll is good for about 30 minutes, the atmosphere is only nice if you're a high roller. It's intended for the wealithiest of people, not the average blue collar kinda guy.

    I have gone in 5x each time with a $500 bankroll, carefully watching my payouts, and never have done better than a 75% payout. I highly doubt they will loosen their slots enough. Wealthy people go there so they don't give a **** about us average bankroll gamblers. Even on their highstakes pull the 6th and final time there I won nothing back.

    Screw Dover they have won enough money from me and my family. Instead of driving about 2 hours to get there I will take my two-hour drive to Atlantic City or my one-hour drive to Charlestown where I know $500 will last. I have a good 80% chance of breaking even, or even coming home with double my bankroll.

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