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Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Love/Hate Experience

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  • Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Love/Hate Experience

    After driving 3 hours to Hollywood and losing money right off the bat was not pleasant at all. I feel if the State would lower their percentage take and the casino allow more paybacks to the players it would be a huge plus in making a day outing more pleasant. Where's the money to the state going anyway??? Haven't seen anything change in Pennsylvania that benefits the public. Someone in Harrisburg pocketing the money???

    Security Guards, waitresses and other personnel were very helpful and pleasant. Atmosphere is somewhat pleasant but traffic pattern throughout is just awful. The designer should return part of his/her fee.

    Directional signs overhead hard to find, the lettering is small and blends into the color of the background. Very bad design. Guess they don't want people to know where to find places. Good thing they have security personnel at the entrances to direct a person.
    Buffet was excellent... $13 per person for lunch a bit high, great selection of main dishes and great salad selection, best thing in the casino, except for the desserts, ther were awful tasting and stale.

    Garage parking during the week is excellent, but heard the weekends are horrendous.

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