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Excalibur Hotel-Casino: fun to see,but don't eat

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  • Excalibur Hotel-Casino: fun to see,but don't eat

    Excalibur is a really fun casino to play in. If you like the idea of a fun colorful medieval concept check your sword at the door, this is fun.

    I agree with the other reviews that you will not be over run with tons of little kids holding candy cotton sticks against your back, but there are enough around to add a kind of fun atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with the sound of a happy laugh from a younger child. Kids and pre-teens have a sparkle that adds fun to the experience. I'm not sure the show would work so well if it was just full of us old fogies.

    The bad news for me is the Buffet. I have stayed in Vegas 6 times now and tried the buffet three times over those years. It has never gotten any better. The food is not bad, but it is really just a high carb basic buffet.

    Perhaps this is due to kids not liking new foods, but there has never been something for us adults to look forward to tasting. If all you want is a full stomach with no taste bud wonders for a good price, it is fine. Just don't expect much. The same goes for the show dinner, but that is what you expect from the dark ages.

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    Re: Excalibur Hotel-Casino: fun to see,but don't eat

    Excalibur is nice if you are looking for cheap gambling. Good assortment of penny games and $5 tables. Dealers don't tend to get into the game with the players very much (there are exceptions). Tables fill up on the weekend with gamblers staying at neighboring properties because of the lower table stakes. They even have a bank of non-smoking tables.

    The food court upstairs is a great inexpensive alternative to the resturaunts in other casinos (McDonalds, Quiznos, Pizza Hut, Krispy Kreme and a chinese place were there last year). The Buffet BLOWS. $7 steak from the deli after 7PM is a great value (and a decent steak).