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Delaware Park Racetrack Slots: Delaware Park

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  • Delaware Park Racetrack Slots: Delaware Park

    The food was suprisingly good, plus with the players card you can take your points and get a discount on the food.

    The promotion is also nice. Right now you get $50after you play for the first half hour, then another $50 the following day. I can't say just yet if the slots are super tight, I did win my bankroll back but blew it, left before hitting scared money point.

    Seems like they are fair there though, did notice quite a few jackpot winners (naturally not me, the RNG didnt like me there) and not just on low payout slots.

    They have all the virtual table games there, but I didn't seem to notice any video poker games (I prefer odds that are much better than slots). As stated on here the place is very clean and modern, but like other DE casinos, fairly small.

    The only downside is the parking is atrocious. Why they didn't put a parking garage in baffles me. You either take a bus or walk a 1/4mile. We walked because by the time the bus would have come around we would have been in the casino.

    The other downside for Western MD people is it takes about $20 for tolls. And if there is a high roller section I sure couldnt find it (again, I preferodds that are better, so much at stake). Good place to relax for a few hours and maybe win your bankroll back.

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