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Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach, FL

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  • Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach, FL

    Just got back from the Mardi Gras Casino in Hollywood Florida.

    My wife liked it very much. It had a lot of penny games for her to play. We were not there long enough for her to win. Only an hour. She collected once for $100.

    My view was that even though they had Mr. Cashman, Lucky Lucy and Money Honey they were nickel machines and not pennies. They were empty. Almost all the places I have been to the past year, these games were pennies and I usually did quite well.

    With them being nickels and me not having any freeplay, $1.25 to $1.75 a spin is to rich for my taste.

    I did play one video poker game for a quarter 9/6 and 5 for a straight.

    My wife wants to go back earlier in the day so she can be there for more than an hour.

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    Re: Mardi Gras Casino

    Hi Twyman, was that 9/6 jacks or better with 5 for the straight ? If so, did they penalize any other part of the payback schedule ? If not, then that game is a winner.

    Did that casino have any bonus machines or any coin-in coin-out machines? Thanks.


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      Re: Mardi Gras Casino

      The game is not a winner, but the paytables were better than Gulfstream.

      Quarter JB is 8/5 and the $1 JB is 9/5. Gulfstream only had 7/5 for both.


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        Re: Mardi Gras Casino

        Thanks for the info Steve. The only casino in Florida that I've been to is Sterling Cruise Lines(free shuttle from certain hotels) when I went to Disney World. Can you give me any info on bonus machines and coin-in coin-out machines in Florida(if any)? Thanks.

        As far as casino boats go, I would recommend Sterling.....It has several levels and alot of machines.


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          Re: Mardi Gras Casino

          Do you mean Banking Machines ? There are none in Florida.

          Bonus Machines ? There are plenty of Bonus machines but the one's I like are Nickels. Mr. Cashman, Money Honey and Lucky Lucy.
          I talked to a Slot Manager to tell him those machine at other casinos are pennies and are always full so he might want to switch them. At the time he was switching the penny Blazing 7s from 5 line to 20. At 5 lines it was a nice game if you were tying to get the bonus.


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            Re: Mardi Gras Casino

            Yeah Twyman, I meant banking machines. We used to call them bonus machines at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, because you'd get a 'bonus' when you'd finish the pie or make a bingo, etc.
            Foxwoods got rid of all their banking machines but Mohegan still had several last year. The pickings are slim in Atlantic City(The Sands may be the last place with any) for banking machines, and even when they were more numerous in the late 90's, they were set at the tightest level....the diamonds and cherries just never fell on the payline....they were brutal. A vulture could barely earn enough for a hot-dog !

            How about coin-in coin-out machines....are there any in Florida besides the Sterling Cruise ?