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Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa: The Water Club

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  • Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa: The Water Club

    I have stayed the Water Club, comped, several times. I was in the standard rooms, which are very nice but seem a tad smaller than the regular tower, or maybe this is my imagination. The views are outstanding. Room is plush, with probably 7 or 8 pillows on top of the exceedingly comfortable bed. Three of them are these huge leather-type pillows.

    Biggest complaint is lack of a refrigerator and coffee maker, which are available in the other tower. There is a mini-bar stocked with expensive drinks and a tray on the dresser filled with boxes of goodies such as M&Ms, nuts etc. There also is a large bottle of water and a smaller one of wine on the tray and a "pleasure kit". Remove anything for more that 30 seconds and it's charged to your bill. The stuff isn't cheap so be careful.

    The clock radio has an iPod dock so you can play your music, podcasts, without much trouble. I couldn't find the instruction book but figured it out on my own. The TV is a huge high-definition one with tons of HD channels. I could watch it all day. When you arrive in the room it has your name on the TV screen, time, temperature and a welcome message. You can use the remote to check your slot dollars and comp balance, make reservations, TV program guide, check out etc.

    The shower has two heads, a falling rain type overhead one and hand held one. I found it difficult to adjust the water temp. One of the heads would shoot cold water, the other warm water. Rooms come with plush his/her robes and slippers. Towels are extra plush and come in brown and teal. Even the drinking glasses are fancy.

    Oh yes there are 2 wine glasses and wine menu and two small dishes filled with tiny mint-type candies. You won't be billed if you clean them out. There's also high-tech phone with a touch screen. The cardboard do-not-disturb signs also are unique. You can dial up the excuse as to why you don't want to be disturbed.

    Water Club does not allow children so that's a huge relief at the pool. I've seen as many as 45 kids in the pool at one time in the main tower. The main Water Club pool is behind hotel check in area. There is another one upstairs at the spa area. You can use it for free for an hour or two in the morning.

    There is a separate hotel check in area and valet parking only. You also could use the surface parking but it's a bit of a hike. I use the regular garage and just hoof it.

    It is a rather long walk from the Water Club to the casino. There is a nice lounge with a snack bar, fireplace and places to sit just behind the check in desk and near the outdoor pool.

    There is a separate elevator bank for the suites, and higher floors which is almost always monitored. The other elevator bank is monitored at night but it seems anybody could go up those elevators during the day. People are always holding doors open for you.

    I like the exclusivity of this tower and the peace and quiet. There is no free wireless internet in the lobby as is the case with the Living Room, the entry way to to older hotel tower. But they'll let you in there with your laptop if you show the Water Club room key. Next time I'm there I'll snap some photos

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