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Cactus Petes Resort Casino: Hitting the Jackpot in Jackpot, NV!

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  • Cactus Petes Resort Casino: Hitting the Jackpot in Jackpot, NV!

    Everybody teased us for booking a room in Jackpot, Nevada. We were on a road trip on our way to Yellowstone, so we stopped for the night. We are from Los Angeles, a city filled with snobs!!! They said, "Let us know how Cactus Pete's is? HA HA HA!"

    When we came back we let them all know how wonderful it was! The rooms were very comparable to nice hotels in Vegas and Los Angeles!!! They were modern and very comfortable.

    The check in area was small, but the people were very friendly!!! Nothing fancy about the casino or the lobby!! The lobby/check-in area is smaller than my kitchen, but get up to the rooms and enjoy the comfort of these rooms!

    Also, the buffet...We are so not buffet people! Especially our little kids, they hardly eat a thing!!! We love the Wynn Buffet in Vegas and that's about it. That being said, this Buffet was a pleasant surprise. There was something for everyone. The quality was more than decent, it was very good!!! The service was incredible too!!!

    All in all, Cactus Pete's is a pretty great little hotel and casino! A wonderful choice for a stopover!!

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