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  1. Is the handwriting already on the back of my favorite ACG coupon?

    I've seen a few interwebs postings on rumors that the Riviera has been sold and is not long for the world in its present and evidently unprofitable use. Sad, I liked its retro vibe, but not really...
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    Re: Let's Go Camping in Downtown Vegas

    whoa! did anyone else get a virus installation attempt when clicking on that link?

    Too bad, it sounds interesting. Will wait until LVRJ cleans their server.
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    Re: Clarion in Las Vegas to close

    I never stayed at this hotel but every other Clarion I have ever stayed at was consistently terrible. I think it is the brand that Choice Hotels gives to its very old, non-upgraded, and otherwise...
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    Re: Low Rolling for Big Money

    Thanks. It means a lot coming from the master.
  5. Re: Any dollar blackjack left in Vegas? How about dollar craps?

    If you don't mind a drive, you can go to Joker's wild in Henderson. They have a great $1 craps table with I think 10x odds, and $3 blackjack with good rules. We played there recently and had a...
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    Re: How's the gaming at the Gold Coast in Vegas?

    Coast casinos are generally very good for gambling, and the restaurants are reasonable. $5 blackjack, $5 craps, plenty of small-coin video poker. I haven't played at the Gold Coast as much but I go...
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    Low Rolling for Big Money

    The antics of a mild-mannered couple on the precipice of middle age in Las Vegas.
    Bottom-Feeding the High Life: Low-Rolling Winning in Vegas for Not Quite Free: Part 1

    You're welcome.

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    Re: 10 of Las Vegasí most unique burgers

    You know what's pretty hard to beat? A cheeseburger, medium to medium rare, with both grilled and raw onions. $5 at Cafe Cortez or about $3 at In & Out Burger. Save $774.
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    Google Map of ACG Las Vegas Coupons

    I'm going to Las Vegas next weekend, and I don't have an Iphone, so to help me use the coupon book I copied the Las Vegas coupon list, pasted it into a spreadsheet, added addresses, categorized them,...
  10. Re: $9 tickets for Broadway Rat Pack Show at the Four Queens through 6/28

    They also seem to be available through which I have used before and is definitely legit. It looks like Goldstar has 6 non-VIP tickets per show and as of this posting there is good...
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    Casinos on cruise ships in ACG?

    Hi Steve, my family and I are about to board a Carnival cruise ship, but I plan to do little or no gambling, in large part because I have no coupons (and also because I am very skeptical of the rules...
  12. Thread: Towers Deli

    by azlefty

    Re: Towers Deli

    I can't answer your question because I've never been there. However I will take the opportunity to share my many deli experiences in Las Vegas. I've had very good experiences at Harrie's Bagelmania...
  13. Re: Vegas Slot Machine Hasn't Hit in Over 20 years - is the $2.3 Million Jackpot Due

    If it is a fair slot machine, it is no more likely and no less likely than it ever was. However, the progressive jackpot is higher, so by that measure it has a higher expected value and thus is a...
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    Re: Palms Place: Drift Spa

    I went to the Drift spa last summer while staying at the Orleans. It's one of the only spas that still don't require you to be a guest at the hotel in order to buy a day pass. (a few years ago when...
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    Re: 2014 American Casino Guide Coupon List

    Steve, I was all set to order the book but it looks like the e-shopping cart is not secure. Is that the case?

    I'm no IT/security expert, but I noticed that on the cart page with the form for...
  16. Re: Generous offerings from the Orleans this summer

    I'm currently at Java Vegas in the Orleans, halfway through exploiting these offers. For those who received the postcard in your physical mailbox and also the promo by registering your B Connected...
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    Re: Sam's Town (Las Vegas) up for sale?

    Before anyone gets too nervous, I'd just like to point out the difference between blogging and news reporting. The entire impetus for the post was as follows:

    "Our reason for heading to Sam's...
  18. Re: Who has the best pastrami sandwiche Downtown?

    Don't know, but this may be useful info: I ordered one at the Cafe Cortez in El Cortez, but then I saw someone eating one at another table and it looked terrible (way too pink - it looked like it...
  19. Generous offerings from the Orleans this summer

    About a month ago, I received a targeted mailer from the Orleans for 2 free nights anytime in June or July, including $25 dining credit, plus another 2 free nights Sunday-Weds with $25 dining credit...
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    Re: Watch those Sin City folks

    I think drink minimums are more the rule than the exception. That is why they are so willing to give free tickets away, through books with coupons such as the ACG, Goldstar, and often directly. ...
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    Re: Laundry in Vegas

    That's a pretty good idea. I didn't know about laundry detergent that comes in a bar. I suggested it to my wife for our upcoming 1 week trip and she said a friend of hers uses it.
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    Mobile app for Android?

    Hi, I saw that you now have an iphone app that will tell me what coupons I can use nearby. Is there any chance of developing one for the (many more) android users?

    Also would you ever consider...
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    Re: Getting To The Neon Museum

    Admission and info: Tour Info - The Neon Museum Las Vegas | Guided tours available daily

    Walking directions: From Fremont Street, it's about 0.6 miles north on LV Blvd. Golden Nugget Las Vegas...
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    Re: Getting To The Neon Museum

    If you haven't gone yet, it's an easy walk from Fremont Street. Absolutely worth doing, too. It's a great tour and well worth the admission price. They did a great job with the museum.

    You need...
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    Re: Kelley's Steakhouse

    I've never been there so can't speak for myself, but the reviews on Yelp are pretty horrendous. When the discounting is that aggressive, it never hurts to see if there is a reason.

    Yelp: Kelly's...
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