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    Re: Triple Attack Blackjack™ is introduced

    This game sounds interesting... I wonder what the house edge will be? Perhaps Wizard of Odds might have some stats later on this year.
  2. Re: Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work VIDEO

    great video I really enjoyed this.
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    Re: Vegas bus fares will change Aug 2

    More reason to take a cab when in Las Vegas. I do not have time to wait for a bus. My time in Vegas is far more valuable than saving a couple bucks.
  4. Re: July, 2009 - 1,000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets with Bill Burton

    Great podcast really enjoyed Bill Burton. Please have him on again.
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    Re: Is the Rock You Queen a banking machine ?

    At the Gold Coast Casino the Queen slot machine is almost always available. I enjoyed the machine even though I did not win on it.
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    Best Sports Book in Las Veags

    In your opinion what is the best sports book in Las Vegas and why? Going to be there for opening weekend of NFL and wanted to check out a few.

    Also, what places give out drink vouchers for...
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    Sports Book Promotions for NFL

    Anyone know of any good sports book promotions for the upcoming NFL season?
  8. Re: Seminole Casinos to Debut 24-Hour No-limit High Stakes Poker Beginning July 1, 20

    I hope some out of state'rs come down for some no-limit poker. I will not be going anywhere near the Indian Casinos in Florida. The machines are rip offs and they are in a really bad area. In fact...
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    Re: 2010 coupon list

    The coupon list for 2010 is great. I think the list is much better than other coupon books out there.
  10. Re: Hassles at Terribles Casino (ACG-matchplay coupon)

    It appears that there is some coupon abuse going on from people. Casinos reserve the right to refuse coupons at any time. It mentions that in the book and on the website. Please people lets not...
  11. Re: Steve Bourie to give free lecture Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL on 2/15 at 8p

    Hi Steve,

    You going to be doing anymore lectures down in Florida?
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    Coupon Card Question

    I love the book, but if I do not want to carry it around with me while gambling can I cut the coupons out and present my ACG card showing I purchased the book on a matchplay coupon for example?
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    Re: Ellis Island casino not accepting ACG coupons

    I have had problems in the past with other coupons for drinks at the Ellis Island bar. In this instance the bartender griped about how the drinks are not really free for them and they are losing...
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    Re: 2010 American Casino Guide Coupon List

    Bought the book last weekend and I really think you guys have a great coupon selection for 2010. I believe the coupons are much better than what other sites offer. The information in the book is...
  15. Thread: Coupon Runs

    by JupiterFL

    Coupon Runs

    Has anyone ever gone on a coupon run where they go from Casino to Casino and play their coupons? Typically I will go out early one morning with a set amount of money in my pocket to track my...
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    3x points @ Palms

    Heading out to Vegas in September for 3 nights and I always stay at The Palms. The 3x points coupon will come in handy for a few hours of hardcore VP.

    I am very impressed with the quality of...
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    Re: Interview with video poker expert


    I just started listening to your podcasts and bought the American Casino Guide book. I enjoy both very much. While it is interesting to listen to people that can make a living by playing...
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    Re: Advantageous Slot Machines

    Advantageous slot machines??? If you are referring to slot machines paying out over 100% I have never heard of that and I doubt we ever will. Casinos are not built by putting advantageous games on...
  19. Re: Blackjack with 6-5 payouts is gaining ground in Las Vegas

    Too many players do not understand that 6-5 blackjack is bad. Right now 6-5 blackjack is spreading like the plague.

    Steve, thank you for fighting against 6-5 blackjack and trying to inform...
  20. Re: Boyd gaming launches ‘b connected mobile’ for iphone

    I am a big fan of the B Connected website. I feel a lot of the Las Vegas strip casino websites are outdated and not very interactive.

    B Connected allows you to review your offers, review the...
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    Re: Tips for new table game players

    Tips for new players of Crap and Blackjack:

    Blackjack: Learn basic strategy at home before going to a casino.

    Craps: Do not bet the hard ways, fields, or big 6 / big 8
  22. Re: New Video on "How to Win at Video Poker" posted on You Tube


    I enjoyed the video. It is very informative for beginning VP players. Hope to see some more videos in the future.

    Great Job!
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    Re: booked for November on SW

    Just booked my trip out to Las Vegas between Sept. 11 - Sept. 14. I am a huge NFL fan and will be out there for Week 1. Booked my tickets round trip from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Las Vegas for $190 in...
  24. Re: Wynn Resorts starts charging a $20-per-night resort fee

    We need to start a petition to stop resort fees. If you want to increase the pricing of your rooms just tack on 5 dollars or however much you would like to charge. This will continue to push...
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    Re: My Review of Human Nature

    Thanks for your review. I was thinking of seeing Human Nature in September when I head out to Las Vegas. I agree that I have not read a bad review about the show. Sounds like a winner to me!
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