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  1. My last trip.....October 23 to Nov 2, 2017

    Hopefully I will be booking another one soon,
    but this report was from my trip last fall.
    Link Below
    Happy Halloweening in Las Vegas! 2017

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    Re: Gordie Brown show any good??

    His show at the Golden Nugget is closed now I am afraid.
  3. Re: New policy of limiting the purchase of rooms at the El Cortez

    I have never heard of any hotel having such a stupid policy!!!!
    Hope they re-think this one
  4. Re: Ellis Island casino not accepting ACG coupons

    Happy to hear a compromise has been reached!
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    Re Binion's coupon

    When it lists,

    "2-for-1 lunch or dinner Entree at Binion's"

    as one of the coupons. This means where at Binion's?
    The coffeshop downstairs, the snackbar,
    the Steakhouse upstairs?:confused:
  6. Re: La Cage show at Riviera closed February 9, 2008

    Sad...I never got to see it. They should close Crazy Girls instead!
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