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    Re: 2019 ACG coupon list

    Yes, it is set to be released this week actually. Thursday, October 11, you can find the 2019 American Casino Guide Coupon List here:...
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    Re: X Rocks coupon

    Yes, that coupon is still being accepted at the Show's new location.
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    Re: Free spins Vs. Cash

    I think that is sort of the way slot bonuses are going, they let you choose your volatility. From the way I understand it, the cash amount they offer is likely less than what you can earn from the...
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    Re: Progressive Black Jack Side Bets

    Thanks for the info. And I agree about the big bankroll, I have seen a few digital blackjack machines where the royal match jackpot is VERY far into the positive EV but I have not wanted to try it...
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    Re: Progressive Black Jack Side Bets

    So this sounds very similar to a popular side bet we have in the US on our digital blackjack tables. It is called the "Royal Match" bet but instead of Ace-Jack, you need to have a King-Queen and it...
  6. Re: resetting slot machines after big payout and during promotions

    Ok, so I fact checked this and was almost right. On server based gaming machines, the screen must display for 4 minutes that it is going to change and for another 4 minutes that it has changed so it...
  7. Re: resetting slot machines after big payout and during promotions

    As for your other question: With the exception of a very few casinos, each slot machine comes equipped with its own RNG, or random number generator, which controls the results and payouts of that...
  8. Re: resetting slot machines after big payout and during promotions

    The reason slot techs have to open up slot machines and "reprogram" the machine as you called it is because when any jackpot is hit for $1200 or more, the machine locks up and requires a hand pay....
  9. “Le Rêve” at Wynn Las Vegas Celebrates 4,000th Show with “4,000 Dreams Giveaway”

    LAS VEGAS (March 3, 2014) – After nearly nine years since “Le Rêve – The Dream” opened at Wynn Las Vegas, the award-winning production is celebrating its 4,000th showing of the aquatic and acrobatic...
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    Getting downtown with out a rental car

    So I'm sure that with the amount of times I've been to vegas I should know this, but what is the best way to get downtown with out a rental car? This will be my first trip without a car and I know...
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    Re: In and Out Burger

    Any time :)
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    Re: In and Out Burger

    I am what you would call an in-N-Out burger fan boy. I try to go there at least twice every time I am in Vegas. I always order the animal style burger when I'm there but the animal style fries are a...
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    2012 American Casino Guide Coupon list

    the 2012 list of coupons for the American Casino Guide is finally here!

    To see all the coupons from the new book just click here.

    Feel free to share this link with all of your friends!
  14. A look at some new WMS slot machines displayed at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas

    Here's a little adventure we went on to the G2E, or Global Gaming Expo, to check out all the new casino games for the 2011 year.
  15. Answers to Common Blackjack Questions with Henry Tamburin

    Blackjack expert Henry Tamburin answers many common questions players have about Blackjack.

    While you're there, don't forget to subscribe to our...
  16. Answers to Common Slot Machine Questions with John Grochowski

    Gambling author John Grochowski answers many common questions people have about slot machines.

    Watch it HERE

    While you're there, don't forget to subscribe to us on youtube!
  17. How to Get More Casino Comps with the Queen of Comps

    In this video, american casino guide author Steve Bourie interviews Jean Scott, also known as the queen of comps, about how players can increase their comps from gambling in a casino.

    Watch it...
  18. All about Video Poker with the Wizard of Odds

    Another ACG Video, "All about Video Poker with casino gambling expert Michael 'Wizard of Odds' Shackleford"

    See it HERE now!

    While you're there, don't forget to subscribe to us on youtube so...
  19. How to win at slot machines with the "Wizard of Odds"

    Don't forget to check out our video on how to win on Slot machines with gambling expert Michael "wizard of odds" Shackleford

    Don't forget to...
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    Poll on Facebook!

    Everyone should check out the poll we just posted on facebook asking which is your favorite casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

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    Re: My Friend's Gambling Adventure

    Well as they say, Casinos aren't built on winners. If everybody won every time then there sure wouldn't be many casinos.
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    Re: I am so happy....

    I agree. I don't understand how so many people look at all of these posts but we have all of what, MAYBE 10 active members?
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    Re: Vegas wants you badly in 2011


    I believe the promotion you are speaking of is called, "The Buffet of Buffets." You can eat at as many buffets at harrah's-owned properties in a 24-hour period.

    The properties owned...
  24. Re: Harrah’s laughlin joins pet stay initiative

    That's a great idea! The resort fee can include 2 milkbones a day lol
  25. Flamingo Las Vegas Offering 4 FREE show tickets!

    up to 4 free Show tickets at the Flamingo

    The Flamino is giving away up to 4 tickets to see teh Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show for FREE! It doesn't seem that there are any strings attached or...
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