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    Getting To The Neon Museum

    I'm thinking about checking it out next month. What do you guys think is the best way to get there?

    My idea is to take the shuttle from Sam's Town to Fremont Street. We plan on having lunch at...
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    Re: Bill's returns as Gansevort

    Garbage. I enjoy nightlife but I enjoy the old school feel much more. Im becoming a fan of downtown more and more.

    The only casinos that give me that old school feeling anymore on the strip are...
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    Palms Shuttle

    Does anyone know if the complimentary shuttle still runs from the Forum Shops @ Caesar's over to The Palms? It used to run every 1/2 hour until 8pm, but I believe the shuttle used to be at Showcase...
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    Re: resort fees coming to CET

    Oh I know, but it's more economical than the MGM and CET properties. I've noticed that places like Boyd and Station Casinos have resort fees, but you can usually get such a a good room deal, that the...
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    Re: resort fees coming to CET

    wow, resort fees are the reason I stay with Caesar's and avoid MGM properties. The strip is becoming a monopoly of CET and MGM casinos.

    I believe LVH still has no resort fees. Honestly, I think...
  6. Re: walk from ellis island to terrible's then to hard rock

    The Hardrock Shuttle actually picks up and drops off at The Fashion Show Mall across from Wynn.
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    Re: Infomation on Gold Coast Shuttle?

    I have a question on the shuttle that maybe one of you can answer. In October we stayed at Flamingo but wanted to visit The Orleans, so we took the shuttle. It stopped at Gold Coast before it dropped...
  8. Re: Slot Machines How to WiNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    While Video Poker and Table Games are the best shot at actually creating a return, slots can be a blast.

    The ones with the bonus games tend to be fun. It's all about money management and creating...
  9. Re: Detroiters---get over to the Fitz, I mean THE D

    Sigma Derby is a lot of fun. I believe there are only 2 machines left in Vegas. On the strip at MGM and Downtown at The D.
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    Dirty Joke SHow @ Rio- Cancelled?

    Does anyone have any info or confirmation of The Dirty Joke Show (featuring Geechy Guy) being cancelled at The Rio?

    I won tickets a while back, and was planning what night in October to see it....
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    Casino Chip Collecting

    Okay I feel like an idiot, so maybe someone can help me out here. A few years ago I began collecting $1 chips from casinos in Vegas and everywhere else. I would keep a $1 chip from the tables...
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    Re: M Rewards Facebook promotion

    According to their website, 333 points= $1 in redemption value. Does this mean I could obtain these free 2,500 pts on my card, then use them when I go in October and receive $7.50 off their expensive...
  13. Re: Tips For Stretching Your Money In The Casino

    One thing my wife and I do, is if we win on the first $20 we put in, we cash out the ticket voucher and put a fresh $20 in the machine.

    For example: You sit down at a slot machine with $20 in the...
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    Re: Tough week for Lions

    I agree, topic title of the year.
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    Re: M Resort 2012 calendar

    Hmmm, might intice me to try the buffet.

  16. Re: November Contest - Win Dinner for 2 at Mr. Lucky's 24/7 at the Hard Rock in Las V


    When does this one expire? thanks.
  17. Need Advice on Getting to Riviera from South End of Strip

    I've been to Riviera before alone, but my wife is "nervous" about walking up those side streets if we take the monorail down that way to Hilton or the old Sahara station. We have a show/dinner at...
  18. Re: October Contest - Win a buffet for 2 at the Las Vegas Hilton


    Do we have an update on the standings for October?
  19. Re: Win a buffet for 2 at Arizona Charlie's, plus 2 tix to XBU at the Flamingo

    I hope I'm not in the wrong by asking this, but I don't want this to go to waste...

    Earlier this year I won a $50 certificate to DuPar's on Fremont Street. Unfortunantly it expires 12/31/11 and...
  20. Re: Win a buffet for 2 at Arizona Charlie's, plus 2 tix to XBU at the Flamingo

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but does anyone have trouble marking the stars for the hotel ratings?

    I have had a million issues on my home PC and my work PC...just wondering if maybe it's my...
  21. Route 66- Laughlin, NV. to Seligman, AZ.- Dewey and others

    A few months back I had mentioned that my wife and I were planning on driving part of Route 66 through Arizona during our Vegas/Out West Anniversary trip. Dewey I recall you saying not to miss Mr....
  22. Re: Free admission pass to the ip auto collection in lv

    Hopefully they still have a lot of cars left in there! I wanna check it out.
  23. Thread: Florida Cafe

    by dmoore268

    Re: Florida Cafe


    Hopefully you're buying your Groupon's through I'm a groupon junkie too, I buy them for the local area here and have been buying them for Vegas when we go. Anyway, if you...
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    Re: Las Vegas - best place to buy home

    I think one day (like 40 years lol since I'm only 28) when I retire I'm going to Boulder City. Such a nice little town.
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    Re: "Golden Nugget" $15 gift card for $7.50

    I want to correct myself on this. I contacted Golden Nugget Laughlin today, and it can only be used at on-site restaurants and the gift shop. It cannot be applied to room reservations.

    I guess...
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