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  1. Re: Pick the Pros Football Contest Returns 9/1 to Boyd Gaming Properties in Las Vegas

    Thank god there is no fees on participation. Even thought the contestants have an equal shot to win $30,000, it still sounds a bit skeptical to be able to become the top contestant with the odds on...
  2. Re: Movie with a Meal theater coming to Downtown.

    It was proposed for last year...sounds good.. downtown has visitors now...
  3. Re: The Las Vegas Club Casino in Downtown Las Vegas has been sold

    Yeah they had stopped reservations for its hotel in 2013..was runing losses..hope something better comes up now.
  4. Re: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Promotions for August 2015

    Thanks for the info..All the promotions are unique in itself..
  5. Re: Got a dealt royal flush on my latest trip to Las Vegas!

    Wow! Thats amazing...Not a common hand... Have heard that to calculate the probability of being dealt a royal flush, you need to know two numbers. Total possible poker hands and number of ways that a...
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