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    Re: Harrahs Reno: $4.50 = $1200

    Agreed. One of the more important things in learning the house edges/advantages is recognizing a progressive system that requires max payout for the jackpot, versus a machine where the max payout on...
  2. Re: Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: The worst experience ever!!!!!!!!

    I too have heard nothing good out of the sands.

    I think they offer double odds on their craps, or maybe just 3x4x5x.

    I havent been there myself, but I get reports from craps players all the...
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    Re: Coupon Runs

    Tell me about these coupon books?
    I'm going to vegas in may, and while I have a significant bankroll and a plan for myself, I'm going with a couple of guys who either a) dont gamble much at all or...
  4. Thread: A system

    by hittingpoints

    Re: A system

    Impressive, and it works almost every time!
  5. Re: "winning" is sometimes equated to comps...

    The comps are so arbitrary/subjective when a live person/persons rates you.
    When I play craps, I'm in a better situation overall, because I win more than I lose bc of dice control. However, When i...
  6. "winning" is sometimes equated to comps...

    I play craps, professionally, and I tip very well (see my website if you don't know the best ways to tip while playing craps) and typically get rated fairly well.

    However, when I play craps I play...
  7. Re: Golden Nugget Coming Back to Atlantic City

    So wait. I've got a couple hundred comp dollars on my trumpONE card that expire in june. Does this mean that I can use them at the nugget in may if I still have them there?
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    Re: Vegas wants you badly in 2011

    that's the deal.
    I didn't get the 2 night deal, I got my nights comped at the IP, but plan on buying this for at least one day, and do a "buffet tour" for a little variety.

    Aren't the buffets...
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    Vegas wants you badly in 2011

    The economy is in the dumper, and as you can imagine Vegas as taken a hit over the past few years. It seem like they are desperate to get people in town, spending money.

    As I posted recently, I'm...
  10. Vegas in May 2011, Staying at Imperial Palace

    I'm making a voyage to Las Vegas May 10-14, mainly for the business purpose of gathering information of the craps offerings at various casinos (odds, minimums, props, etc) for my website, and to meet...
  11. Re: Sugar House Casino: Sugar House - you can tell it's then only casino d

    One offer that is of note, if you have a premium level players club card from ANY atlantic city casino, they give you a premium card and $100 comp/slot dollars.

    I was in the Sugarhouse for about...
  12. Re: Sugar House Casino: Sugar House - you can tell it's then only casino d

    I was recently at the Sugarhouse for the purpose of reviewing the offerings that they have for craps, as we are trying to profile craps at all casinos in the region on

    We found...
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    Re: Craps Basic Strategy

    Side note:

    When I go in may, I have every intention of hopping casinos. Last time I was out there was 2004 i think, and I hopped casinos all over the place.

    Back then I was playing some craps,...
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    Re: Craps Basic Strategy

    I'm heading out to Vegas in May to do some research for my website. We basically try to provide a breakdown of as much of the pertinent information for any craps offered at any casino. Limits, odds...
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    Re: Craps Place Bets vs Pass Line Bets

    I'm typically a big fan of establishing a point, and placing "22 inside" for 3-4 rolls. It usually yields a decent return while waiting to hit the point.

    Playing the 22 inside method allows low...
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