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    monthly newsletter

    I used to receive a monthly newsletter and would remind me to come back and check out the forums, why don't I receive it anymore, where do I sign up to receive it again? 3 month til my Vegas trip
  2. No free parking @ Boyd's Downtown casinos

    agreed, we always park at Main St and walk too. The lot is never full when we park, if they don't refund the fee inside we will also park elsewhere and again lose our gambling $$'s as I certainly...
  3. $9 tickets for Broadway Rat Pack Show at the Four Queens through 6/28

    reviews seem to be positive

    The Broadway Rat Pack - Las Vegas - Reviews of The Broadway Rat Pack - TripAdvisor
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    Las Vegas: Paris spa day

    A service charge of 20%, inclusive of gratuity, will be applied to the full value of the services = an extra $40
  5. Guns N Roses LV trip courtesy Sixxsense--ENDS 5/4

    great find, loved GNR back in the day, thanks for posting
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    Rio: MJ Live 4 for 1

    couldn't see how much the first ticket cost and wonder if I could use my TR points to pay for that first ticket?
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    Westie's latest trip report

    Great trip report and good news to hear about your wins. When we travel I always take a prescription of Phenergan (Promethazine) with me. If interested have your wife ask her doctor. Keeps that...
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    NY bait and switch VP

    How does one know if the game they are playing is this type of machine?
  9. World’s tallest observation wheel in Las Vegas welcomes first Passengers on March

    The dear hubby wants to ride it during our upcoming May trip but I am deathly afraid of heights and from one report I read it said the building appear to sink into the ground as you rise up (not sure...
  10. Re: Harrahs NOLA trip courtesy Chevy Trucks-GA NC SC KY WV TN OH FL ONLY--ends 3/30

    good find Lee! and one this Ohio girl can enter. Good luck all!
  11. Re: Milestone 1,000th CONTEST POST--Caesars, Elton show, air--ENDS 3/27

    Lee sounds like a great haul to me, Congrats on all of your wins :)
  12. Re: SIRIUSXM subscribers-see Boston & Cheap Trick at HR, air, hotel--ENDS 4/7

    I am confused:

    No Purchase Required To Enter or Win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited. U.S. Law Governs.

    OPEN ONLY to active SiriusXM...
  13. Re: Milestone 1,000th CONTEST POST--Caesars, Elton show, air--ENDS 3/27

    Lee I have been a contest hound for over 10 years (aka a sweeper), I have won 5 trips (Canyon Ranch Spa, NYC-bar crawl, Las Vegas - Bike fest, LA to Simon Cowell's last finale to American Idol and my...
  14. Re: Milestone 1,000th CONTEST POST--Caesars, Elton show, air--ENDS 3/27

    Although I am not able to enter the above contest I would like to say a BIG Thank You for your contest posting. I have never won one of the ones that you have posted but I will keep entering them and...
  15. Re: Man sues Las Vegas casino for getting him drunk and losing $500,000

    My guess is he was tipping the waitress very generous amounts and she was doing her job, I am not a big player but always tip well, a waitress will remember where her tippers are and return to them...
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    Re: Eastside Cannery joins the fee folks

    I really have a hard time understanding the thinking of Casinos. I guess that they know we have little control of the fees that they charge. There are few casinos that truly don't have a fee attached...
  17. Re: 3 night Aria stay + 500 for air + stuff--ENDS 3/19

    good find thanks for posting
  18. Re: Enter for Amer. airlines miles--ENDS 3/31

    great contest, thx for posing
  19. Re: K & N Filters March LV trip--ENDS 3/10/14

    thx for posting
  20. Re: Extra-TV Britney show, 2 nights Planet Ho-NO AIR--ENDS 3/12

    Thanks for posting is this a one time entry? Couldn't see anything in the rules stating either way
  21. Re: South Point - free night plus chance to win 2015 NASCAR Trip

    I doubt they would, it is a contest they are hosting and no fees are mentioned in the official rules Las Vegas Hotel Promotions | South Point Special Offers . I would think they would have to mention...
  22. Re: 2014 best cheap steak specials in Las Vegas

    I have had both and I would think that the King Cut Prime Rib would be a better mention than the $8.99 10 oz. sirloin steak special at Ellis Island Cafe.
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    Re: 2014 American Casino Guide Coupon List

    doesn't bother me gambling that much, but I usually gamble my bankroll at the casino that provides me my free rooms, to risk my free room for a free meal even tho the risk is a minor risk is not for...
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    Re: Thai-d Up and Beaten Down

    Great trip report thanks for sharing
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    Re: 2014 American Casino Guide Coupon List

    I see that Ellis Island changed their offer/coupon we have ate there for 10 years sometimes twice in 1 week (we buy two books for our single yearly trip) eating once in the restaurant and once in the...
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