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  1. Re: Harrahs Chester Casino Racetrack: Great Casino/Too smokey

    This casino offers some really nice resturaunts too.including a first class sportsbar over looking the track!
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    Harrahs AC WSOP circuit event report

    Harrah’s Atlantic City WSOP Circuit Event

    December 14th kicked off the Harrah’s A. C. leg of the World Series of Poker circuit events for the 08/09 season. 179 hopefuls including several big names...
  3. Re: 11/18 winner of hat and t-shirt for forum post

    Great Job Fighting duck. I won to and the items are real nice!!
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    Re: pokerdog283's poker bluffing stragedy

    Fantastic!!! All the best on the Book!!!
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    pokerdog283's poker bluffing stragedy

    Bluffing: Pulling the Wool

    Bluffing we all do it. Some pull them off well, some not so well, and we have all pulled one off at the wrong time and got busted. Alright not everyone bluffs, we have...
  6. Re: 11/16 winner of hat and t-shirt for forum post

    great job VPPAPPY!!!:cool:
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    Re: Let the games begin!

    oops sounds like they might not have had all the right permissions:confused:
  8. Re: Winner of hat and t-shirt for 11/13 forum post

    Thanks this is a great site and a great promotion!
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    Re: Welcome to our brand new message board

    Very nice board and nice site!!
  10. Re: Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa: The Borgata is BEAUTIFUL!

    I used to frequent the Borata all the time but started to enjoy the comps offered by the Harrahs casinos much more. I do think they have the Best poker room in AC!
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    Re: Harrah's Chester in Pennsylvania

    Overall I like this casino as it is close for me. It is right across the boarder between deleare and Pa. I live in MD. It has a huge selection of slot machines and some nice poker machines. They...
  12. Re: Win a FREE Hat and a T-shirt just for posting!

    Steve great promotion Im always down for a free hat and shirt. I like the site so far!! I will link it to my blog sites!!:cool:
  13. Re: Harrahs Casino Hotel: will never stay there again

    I really enjoy Harrahs Atlantic City. They have done alot of remodeling recently and even expanded their poker room. Most of their rooms have been upgraded and several even have a mirror image TV in...
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